Coronavirus Stats 4-13-20 7PM

The number of COVID-19 cases in Florida now stands at 21,019.



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Written by CBS Miami


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  1. The statistics are very wrong. When they claim 499 death in the state of Florida, what they’re saying is 499 people in the state of Florida died and they had the virus in them. They may have died of a heart attack or stroke or even a car crash, but if that virus was in their body they are listed on this number. Furthermore, the number of actual cases is much lower in this statistic than in reality, because they’re only testing a few people. All the healthy people who have contracted the virus but show no symptoms are not listed in this number. So if the numbers were much larger for cases, it would make the number of deaths much smaller in percentage. But then you take into consideration the fact those deaths are mostly caused by other things and those people were going to die anyways, we realize this is a hoax. Mostly very old people.

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Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) - Public Health

Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Public Health

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