Despite Case Surge, Florida Gov. Resists Stay-At-Home Order | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is facing criticism for his handling of the coronavirus in his state as new cases are surging. Gov. DeSantis has thus far resisted a stay-at-home order despite recommendations. Aired on 4/1/2020.
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Despite Case Surge, Florida Gov. Resists Stay-At-Home Order | Morning Joe | MSNBC



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  1. Im really surprised by all this. America has been very slow to react compared to the rest of the world. USA is supposed to be a world leader and usually is (except for health care). Oh wait, covid is about health care. Never mind, I get it now. Im no longer surprised!!

  2. And this is what i told somebody some time ago i knew you Americans would do this you are so predictable , i said that you are going to make the same mistakes as italy and spain , you will regret it .it will cost you more in the long run .

  3. Thank you DiSantis for your support of Florida churches, If the rumor is correct, You, Rubio & Gaetz deserve kudos for providing FREE .. tRUMP-Jim Jones-KoolAid to Floridians.

  4. We blame the governor but what about the idiots that choose to still go out? Why do they have to be instructed to stay home. The citizens in Florida know they are potentially exposing themselves and others to the virus but they continue to do it. At what point does it fall on the people?

  5. Why do reporters and others keep talking about testing like it is a treatment. You could be virus free on the day you are tested, then get the virus before your test results even get back.

  6. If there were an actual pandemic…
    Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who actually fell ill with the COVID-19 coronavirus strain? Not very many, I'm sure. And most of the deaths attributed to the COVID-19 were not actually caused by COVID-19.

  7. 8 million people die each year from smoking related deaths (a totally preventable thing)… and the news expects us to believe government shut down the world for a few thousand deaths? The goal is to strip your rights with emergency powers.. and these stay at home orders feed the fear.

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