Is Florida manipulating COVID-19 data?

A Florida scientist who managed the state’s database says she was fired for refusing to paint a rosy picture of the COVID-19 outbreak as hundreds of more people are infected. Coronavirus-related deaths reached 2,000 in the state, and Miami Dade officials confirmed that 40% of inmates tested have contracted the virus. Despite it all, Florida continued with the re-opening of its hardest-hit areas. CGTN’s Nitza Soledad Perez has more.



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  1. all gouvernements are liars, the truth lives underground
    just watch these ugly faces of these two hilarious speakers, who do not do anything else but defend their billions, they don’t give a f…k about people

  2. Didn't the Chineese Communist Government Party manipulate Covid-19 information in the first place?? How convenient to keep pointing the finger somewhere else lol. Good try though. GG

  3. Wish didnt watch this video.
    Sickening to fire her and venomously insult on tv.

    Some states initially released accurate virus data.
    Data is mostly all fake now.
    Fake vaccine propaganda too.

  4. for all humans who are still of Chinese descent in this planet, never again buy American-made products. do not you become nuts who forget the skin. America has proven to be anti Chinese in this part of the world.

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