WEB EXTRA: Gov. Ron DeSantis COVID-19 Briefing

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis holds a press conference on the state’s COVID-19 response.



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Written by CBS Miami


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  1. This Action of the Gov. shows how he REALLY feels. "FLORIDA SURGEON GENERAL REMOVED FROM GOVERNOR DESANTIS' CORONAVIRUS BRIEFING AFTER SAYING SOCIAL DISTANCING NECESSARY UNTIL THERE'S A VACCINE." Yep, Gov. is not a people person. He is acting in his Own Private Capacity.

  2. This Clown is never saying anything new. In every briefing, it is the same lip service. He never talks about things that matter like the unemployment crisis, worker's comp., the Florida infrastructure, or any other major concerns that FL. faces from COVID-19 pandemic. Gov. is acting in his own Private Capacity. He must change his ideas or be removed from office now. It is hard to believe this guy graduated from Havard Law and is a Navy Officer. He sounds like a buffoon.

  3. He’s just a Trump today and as I live in Florida I hope he starts following the examples of the East and West coast governors rather then waiting on Trump to decide for us.

  4. I think it’s very interesting that the narrative push by the sky is falling crowd is that FL is doing poorly compared to other states but based on the data FL is doing pretty good. The hit rate , percent positive tests , for the state is about 10.5%. NY is 40%, MI is 30% and the states that everyone thinks are doing an excellent job CA and WA are currently at 11.7 and 10.9% respectively. FL has also tested more per capital than any of those states except NY. Additionally, the hit rate in the 3 S. FL counties are in the range of 15 to 18%, where most other counties in FL are around 6% or less, ie the issue is mainly in S.FL where local governments have been more restrictive for longer. That higher hit rate probably means the virus has been in S. FL longer than other parts of FL and you could also infer the same for other parts of the country with the highest hit rates. Would be nice if people would look at the data before claiming that FL is doing poorly. Seems FL is an easy target, but it’s not warranted in this case.

  5. As I advised to all about 10 days ago, the Florida Governor is working to take advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak to commence a restructure of Florida's society and economy. He has actively worked to allow COVID-19 into the State and continues to be fairly unrestrained in allowing its spread.
    The aim is to cull a good number of senior citizens that call the State home, and look to regenerate the state, its people and its economy with something more focused on a younger more mobile populace that is less taxing on healthcare, welfare, pensions and slow driving ("get out of my way").
    The Governor has actively obstructed investigations by the Miami Herald of deaths at nursing homes and the like, and he is avoiding testing the residents so that their deaths cannot be identified as being due to COVID-19.

    As we know, Donald Trump's new State is Florida after he left NYS to help escape endless investigations. He's all onside.
    We'll see what the new Florida looks like in a few years. Florida will be a whole new DisneyWorld.
    In the meantime, quite a few people will lose grandma or grandpa a little earlier than woulda/shoulda.

  6. So any news on small business owners that have to pay a mortgage to the bank if they're going to be helped or let's let every single small business in the State of Florida go out of business?

  7. The government of Florida and the government of the United States can't figure out how to get unemployment to people how in the hell can we trust you to do anything else, but I can almost guarantee you that will be extreme lawlessness stealing and Theft if people can't feed their children. So far I am more disappointed in my government than I've ever been in my life and you keep on asking for benefits and more money and more money and the government's just doing fine, I'm beginning to have bad feelings about government more than normal, because you are incompetent, while collecting tons of money. And you can't figure out the simplest thing. I'm very disillusioned how about this government doing anyting.

  8. This may well be the crookedest most on the take governor in American history!!! I sincerely hope he get Coronavirus!! Not because he's stupid or because hes taking money from big business but because he is placing value on profits above human life

  9. Open up Florida Gov. Desantis. Let the scared “tough guys” stay home if they are afraid of a flu bug. All these pre covid tough guys are now panzies wearing plastic around their bodies, scared from this flu.

  10. I'm a Floridian and Republican but this guy is a joke. Unemployment doesn't work and now he's going to hold the Federal 600$ assistance if it does. Once again the working man starves.

  11. Respiratory illness or cough not allowed to enter a facility? This is not accurate! Also we can’t even get testing for patients who have respiratory symptoms. Just bs as usual! This is a lie!!!!!!!!!! There are no teams coming in. I have called the state, the health department, patients doctors… I haven’t been able to get testing for patients at multiple facilities even when they are symptomatic and some severe. Sitting there in your ivory tower you think you know what is happening but you have no Idea. Also… where are our supplies and PPE!? And… schools opening is the most asinine moronic decision I have ever heard. There have been many cases at this point in other countries of re-outbreak with people who recovered, testing positive later. You put little asymptomatic, germ factory, children in the petri dish class rooms and watch what happens!

  12. Since he let the spring break happened, I knew this will be a mess. Florida has more positive cases than a lot of countries; for example, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, India, etc, etc, etc and these countries have stay at home rules. Just wait a couple of weeks, and you will see Florida becoming the next hot spot in the USA…

  13. We are not ready to reopen schools. Children may not develop symptoms but that doesn’t stop them from being possible covid 19 carriers. Infected children could spread this deadly virus. School staff could also infect kids and those kids in turn could go home and infect other adults in their homes. Senior proms and graduations are not more important than preserving human life. Until measures are not properly in place, cautious measures can’t and should not be relaxed. Keeping people safe should be the main and only concern of the governor’s office!

  14. For those who complain about DeSantis…the alternative, Andrew Gillum, was recently found naked and unresponsive in a hotel room with a male prostitute and crack cocaine. He is currently in a drug rehab facility.
    If Democrats ever expect to win an election (I know, Dems hate elections, but we still have them) they are going to have to do better than crackhead whoremongers…and, for that matter, senile old fools who think they are running for Senate.

  15. The state of Florida needs to unite and rebel! This man has no sympathy and no empathy. Money is his God. He does not care who gets sick. He does not care who dies. Please people stand up for yourselves. Take control of you own fate. Write a petition….Start a movement. Get rid of him….before he gets rid of you. Bless you all. You need it.

  16. Why can't I just find the ℅ of the population infected chart? Instead all I hear is the percentage per people with symptoms ? I can't find one and I don't hear it mentioned on TV. Something is wrong , this is the most important percentage to have. the other tests goes up and down based on the percentage of other viruses ? Why is that So important ?

  17. If I understand correctly, once a person tests positive there is a minimum of two more negative tests preformed before they can be shown to be safe to return into general population. Those tests are in turn added to the total for daily test numbers. This is only one of the ways our leaders use there fuzzy math to "cook the books" and show a happy number.

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